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      Toll-Free 0800 Phone Numbers

      Toll-free calling in Ireland

      Memorable phone numbers:
      • 0800-155155Add to cart
      • 0800-1511511Add to cart
      • 0800-011011Add to cart
      • 0800-153446Add to cart
      • 0800-158236Add to cart
      Memorable phone numbers:
      • 0800-166166Add to cart
      • 0800-188818Add to cart
      • 0800-020020Add to cart
      • 0800-168467Add to cart
      • 0800-180254Add to cart

      National 0818 Phone Numbers

      Advantageous flat rate

      Memorable phone numbers:
      • 0818-152331Add to cart
      • 0818-153326Add to cart
      • 0818-938546Add to cart
      • 0818-349928Add to cart
      • 0818-323992Add to cart
      Memorable phone numbers:
      • 0818-166578Add to cart
      • 0818-445639Add to cart
      • 0818-887223Add to cart
      • 0818-110984Add to cart
      • 0818-239307Add to cart

      CallFactory advantages

      • No new hardware or phones required

      • No software installation required

      • Manage phone numbers online or via iOS app

      • Keep your own current phone number(s) (no need to change numbers)

      • Dashboard with real-time statistics

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      Case studies from our customers

      Clients use our business phone numbers for the following purposes:

      • Assigning evening and weekend shifts within a GP practice

      • Distribute high volume telephone traffic to call centres, e.g. for TV commercials

      • Setting up a virtual call centre with the use of homeworkers

      • Emergency numbers

      • Forwarding to the nearest branch based on postal code for a pizza phone number

      • Deliver crates of beer day and night via a nationwide network of beer distributors

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      Most complete package of functions

      We consider these important functions to be standard features of a number. With us, they are therefore all included in your fixed subscription fee:

      Other providers of 0800 and 0900 numbers charge all sorts of additional fees. For example, you pay extra for a recorded welcome text, a selection menu, a call queue and the possibility to record a message. Each of these functions can cost you an extra 10 to 75 euros per month.

      FeaturesBelfabriekOther Provider
      BlacklistFreeAdditional costs
      Call Overflow HandlingFreeAdditional costs
      Call statistics by emailFreeAdditional costs
      Caller queueFreeAdditional costs
      Change extensionFreeAdditional costs
      Digital answering machineFreeAdditional costs
      Direct Call ForwardingFreeAdditional costs
      Fax2mailFreeAdditional costs
      Greeting messageFreeAdditional costs
      Multiple branch phone numberFreeAdditional costs
      National and international call deliveryFreeAdditional costs
      Phone menuFreeAdditional costs
      Pre announcement toneFreeAdditional costs
      StatisticsFreeAdditional costs
      Text message toolFreeAdditional costs
      WebhookFreeAdditional costs
      Call recordingFree & uniqueAdditional costs
      Custom featuresFree & uniqueAdditional costs
      VIP whitelistFree & uniqueAdditional costs
      Virtual callcenterFree & uniqueAdditional costs
      Total subscription cost / month45 €€75 tot €150
      All amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT