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Call recording

You too can use call recording with your phone number. Automatically record your phone conversations for later use. Either for yourself or your employees. CallFactory stores these audio files securely in the cloud, where you can access them with our user-friendly control panel.

Diverse applications

This feature is so versatile, that practically every organization has a good use for it. Call center managers use call recording to prepare performance reviews. Employees listen back to their own calls to retrieve or verify information for their tickets.

The advantages

Recorded phone calls can be useful as a backup and evidence, and also serve as a handy instrument for improving your customer service.

Online playback

Sort your recorded calls by date or number and play them back online. The interface indicates which calls you have already listened to. Use the star feature to flag important calls, and download any calls you want to your own computer.

Quality control

Are your employees following protocol? Their recorded conversations will tell you.

Seal deals

When customers give you their word or vice versa, a recording of the conversation can substantiate a transaction.

Train your staff

Increase you effectiveness and play back parts of conversations during performance reviews and in training sessions. A few well chosen examples can really drive your point home!

Activate call recording

If call recording makes sense for your business, you can activate this feature right away. You’ll find it in the online control panel.

If you’re not a CallFactory customer yet, check for available 0800, local and national numbers in our number shops. You can complete your CallFactory order in just a few minutes. We look forward to helping you!

Companies also use call recording to substantiate transactions and verify that procedures are being followed.