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Call recording

"This call may be recorded to ensure the quality of our service." Anyone calling a business telephone number regularly hears a similar announcement. Chances are that these numbers are hosted by Belfabriek.

You can also use the call recording function for your business telephone number. With this, you automatically make recordings of all incoming phone calls. Belfabriek securely stores sound files in the cloud.

Through your dashboard, you have direct access to the recordings in a clear interface!

The advantages of recording business telephone calls

Recording telephone conversations not only provides backup and evidence but is also a useful tool for improving your service.

Online playback

Select recordings by date or number, and listen to conversations online. You can immediately see which conversations you have already listened to. You can mark important calls with a star or download them to your computer.

Quality control

Are your colleagues or your external call center working properly? You can hear it in the recordings of the recorded telephone conversations.

Many applications for business telephone recording

This functionality is so versatile that almost any organization can think of an application for it. Team leaders of call centers use audio recordings during progress meetings. The employees themselves log their tickets at the end of a call in peace and quiet and listen back to the recordings where necessary.

Call recording is also often used as evidence of transactions or to check compliance with procedures!

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, if the call has been recorded and saved. It is (of course) not possible to record a call afterwards.

This depends on the retention period you have set: 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.

Get a new phone number from Belfabriek or transfer your current number to us and we will activate call recording for you. You can also transfer some of your calls from your current provider to us and we will only record those calls.

According to the Data Protection Act, this is not necessary as long as you are on the call and make a pre-announcement such as "We are recording this call for training purposes".

If this feature is not already enabled, you can enable it yourself in your app, as well as how long you want to keep the calls.

Yes, we record both the caller and the called party and display them in 1 audio file. So you hear both parties.

No, there is enough storage space to record a long conversation or to create a podcast, for example, if you want to record a call to a phone number. Just make sure you get permission in advance so you can share the conversation as a podcast on the web for privacy reasons.

No. You do not need to use any other apps or have a microphone near your phone to record calls.

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