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Change extension

CallFactory customers use this handy and effective feature in a variety of ways.

Would you like to be available for customers outside of business hours? To extend your business hours, set the destination number to a different phone or location.

If you are a startup business, you can deliver calls to your mobile or home phone number. In combination with other CallFactory features, this lets you optimize your availability.

With a CallFactory subscription you change your destination number at any time, at no extra charge.

Easy to use and no additional charge.

CallFactory lets you change your destination number quickly and easily, so that callers can always reach you. We offer this service standard, to all CallFactory customers. For more information, call us toll free at 0800-235 3227

The advantages

Always available

The change destination feature ensures that customers can always reach you. You’ll never miss an important call.

Wherever and whenever you want

To change your destination number, simply give us a call or use our app. Wherever you are, 24/7

Updates in real-time

Our IVR system updates your destination number instantly. There is no processing delay, and so no need to plan ahead. You are always in full control of where your calls are delivered.

In combination with other features

You can use this feature with any CallFactory number and combine it with our other features as needed, such as call recording. What’s more, you don’t have to change your current phone infrastructure to make full use of CallFactory features.

Cleverly combining features lets you get more out of your service number. You can also combine – or substitute – the destination number with other features. If you are only available at certain times, for example during business hours, you can configure your opening hours. That way, when callers try to reach you while you’re unavailable, they’ll get your recorded message (Sorry, we’re closed right now) and, if you want, an opportunity to leave their own message on your digital answering machine.

If you don’t provide phone service during the holidays or while you’re on vacation, you do not necessarily have to use the change destination feature. Instead, you could set an alternative phone number or a voice message in your holiday calendar.

And there are many other ways to combine features. Our specialists will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.