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Welcome message

"Thank you for calling..." is the first thing you hear when you call a professional company.

A recorded welcome message is therefore one of the features that every Belfabriek client uses.

Welcome messages can be delivered in 3 ways:

1. you can record it yourself on your mobile phone or computer and send us the file.
2. we can have it recorded by a professional voice actor.
3. provide us with the text you want the caller to hear and we will have it spoken by our voice computer.

If you change your message regularly, the last option is ideal as you will always have a new sound recording for your welcome message.

The sound of this speechbot anno 2023 is really great! Have a look at our text to speech bot!

The advantages

Put callers at ease

Your caller will immediately know they have reached the right company, and a carefully chosen voice will instantly create a professional image.

Let callers know what to expect

Greetings are often used to inform callers that their call may be recorded and for what purpose. This also reassures callers that they are dealing with a professional and transparent organisation.

An opportunity to provide additional information

Want to announce a special promotion or product? A welcome message can be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Increase brand recognition

By using clever text that repeats the brand name or key elements of your communication, you can increase callers' awareness of your brand and values.

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Frequently asked questions

We can have a report recorded by a professional narrator. There is an additional charge for this. We can also have your text narrated by our voice computer. This sounds perfect these days!

We can play an out of hours message with your opening times. Again, you can record this message yourself or have it spoken.

We can programme a phone menu for you with different (virtual) departments, such as a customer service department and an administration department. Give us your choices in the phone menu and the associated phone numbers and our switchboard will connect callers to the correct department.

You can change the welcome message on your phone as often as you like. Decide in advance which voice you want to use: your own voice, a fixed external voice or our voice computer. This way the messages are always the same and recognisable to the caller.

We can activate voicemail on your business number so that callers can leave a message if you are unable to answer. We can play a standard message such as "We are currently unavailable, please leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as possible". We can also play your own voicemail message.

Yes, we can! We can play welcome texts and messages in multiple languages. Just let us know how you want your messages played and we will do the rest!

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