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Ideal solutions for web shops

E-commerce holds great promise. And there are countless inspiring examples of organisations that have fulfilled this promise. But whether you want to become the new Amazon or Alibaba, or whether you want to serve a niche market successfully, e-commerce is a cut-throat business, if only because business concepts are very visible and can easily be 'borrowed'. Just like the look & feel of your web shop. How do you maintain a lead on your competitors? And how do you expand this?

Today's tools. Telephony of yesterday?

You are probably looking for part of the answer in the use of modern tools and techniques. Like SEO, SEA, web-statistics, web shop software and ticket systems. And perhaps your web shop has already taken the first steps in the field of advanced analytics, so that you will soon know what customers want before the customers themselves know what they want. But does your web shop also have a telephony solution that is completely up to date? Or is it still a bit of a long shot?


The latter does not have to be the case. With a phone solution from Belfabriek, your webshop will bring 'calling' into the 21st century. A dashboard that offers insight in incoming traffic? Google call statistics? The option to flexibly distribute callers over locations and numbers ('end destinations')? A national number with a nationwide appeal? Advanced tools to handle calls smoothly, such as call queues, selection menus, welcome texts?

More options

You can also market your knowledge. How? By using a paid number in addition to your standard web shop number, with which you can serve consumers who are hungry for knowledge in return for payment. Or think of opening up telephone numbers abroad. If you translate your webshop website and use a national (foreign) number of the country concerned, you suddenly become an international player. And no, you do not need to open a physical branch or hire foreign call centres: we also deliver international calls to the Netherlands. On any number. Irrespective of the technology (analogue, ISDN, VoIP, mobile).
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