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Custom features

If you miss a feature, CallFactory can create it for you. Our development team has already added several new features to our IVR platform.

Examples of our custom phone numbers:

Incident reporting

In the event of incidents, callers often want to know if you are already aware of the issue. They also seek reassurance that you are already working on it.

In this case, an automated incident line is a good solution. Here you start the call off with a prerecorded statement, and then let the caller decide to either end the call or speak to an employee.

Sending extra information by SMS

Providing information by phone is the core business of many of our customers. But customers often like to receive confirmations in writing. One option is to send SMS messages to confirm on-phone agreements and/or provide additional information. By linking our platform to your database, you can easily provide this service.

Self-service credit card activation

By cleverly combining a service number with an IVR system linked to a database, customers of a credit card company can activate their new card whenever they please, day or night.

Phone orders

Let customers order your products by phone, 24/7. With unique customer and product codes, you can.

Submit meter readings

How much electricity did you use this year. One power company doesn’t have to send out meter men to find out anymore. Not since they linked a service number to their database. Now their customers can submit meter readings by phone.

Automated call-up system

There are situations when you need to get people together on short notice. For example to assemble an incident response team. An automated call-up system will get the right people to the right place, on time.

Balance inquiries

Bank customers can check their balance online, but as an extra service it’s nice to provide a way to do this by phone, too. Banks can securely add this feature to their customer service number. 

Let us know what you need

As you can see from the examples above, the possibilities are endless. What features do you want to offer your customers? Tell us your idea and we’ll let you know what we can do. This contact form will put you in touch with our development team.