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Your business phone number exactly the way you want it

Register your phone number with CallFactory and you will have full control over it thanks to our convenient apps and features. You will have real-time access to key statistics and adjust all settings with one click. Anywhere, anytime. The clear connections and rates are not the only reasons why business owners register their phone number with CallFactory. With our generous feature package, you get more features than any other provider can offer. Equally important are the freedom and control you have thanks to our apps.


Are there callers that, for whatever reason, you’d rather they didn’t have access to one of your numbers? Block their calls with our easy to use blacklist and keep your lines open for important calls.

Call Overflow Handling

A wildly successful marketing campaign? Free publicity in the national media? A runaway Adwords campaign? Rave reviews on a comparison site? No problem!  Even the busiest peak in calls in no problem for us.

Call recording

“This conversation may be recorded for quality assurance.” If you call service numbers, you’ll hear a message to this effect used regularly. And if they’re Dutch service numbers,  odds are they are hosted by CallFactory.

Call statistics by email

Your daily, weekly or monthly call statistics overview conveniently in the mail. Included with your telephone number, of course.

Caller queue

There may be times when the number of simultaneous callers exceeds your available staff. You can stay on top of these peaks with a virtual queue, a handy feature available to every CallFactory customer.

Change extension

Your service number is a virtual phone number. Calls to this number are automatically put through to your current phones. These can be landline, mobile, VOIP or traditional. You can change the destination number whenever and as often as you like.

Digital answering machine

You never have to miss another call. Not even when all of your lines are busy, the queue is too long, or you’re unable to take the call for any other reason.

Direct Call Forwarding

Your business number is a virtual phone number. This means that incoming calls are forwarded to a phone number of your choice. This can be a landline, a mobile phone, or even an offshore call center. You decide where to answer your calls.

Greeting message

“Thank you for calling…” is usually the first thing you hear when you call a professional organization.

Multiple branch phone number

Our IVR system can distribute hundreds of simultaneous calls across your nationwide network of branches.

National and international call delivery

National and international call delivery? No problem!

Phone menu

Your business partners or customers want to get an employee on the line as quickly as possible. But most employees won’t have an answer for every conceivable question. A phone menu enables callers to get the right person on the line ASAP.

Pre announcement tone

Business owners often use several numbers, each for a distinct purpose or webshop. In these cases, it’s useful to be alerted to which of your business phone numbers the call is coming in on.


The main objective of a service number or business number is to optimize the availability of your organization. You want to serve more customers and provide better service. But how do you know if you accomplish these goals? The numbers don’t lie.

Text message tool

SMS messages are a great way to communicate short texts to your customers. But how do you send an SMS message to large groups?

VIP whitelist

Do you want to restrict access to your phone number to a limited group of contacts? A VIP whitelist lets you keep your lines open for the people your number is intended for.


Set and update destination numbers on your website with a webhook