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Virtual callcenter

If you can call your employee on the phone, you can include them in your platform. This lets you assemble a virtual call center.

Calls are distributed on a first in, first out basis among all available employees. That is, among employees who are currently signed in on the app or dedicated website.

Alternatively, you can forward calls to employees using a box number system.

With box numbers, each employee is assigned a short code (their box number). Then you let callers type in the box they want instead of queuing for the next available employee.

The caller is directly routed to this specific employee.

Powerful combinations

Use the sign in/ sign out feature to ensure that calls are only routed to employees who are on duty and signed in. Combine this feature with the opening hours or calendar feature to maximize your availability.

The advantages in brief

Minimize waiting times

First come, first served. Distributing calls keeps the wait time down to a minimum.

Build a virtual team of call center or customer service agents

Wherever your employees are working from: they are all part of the virtual call center, and they can all sign in and out using the app or webpage.

Virtual distribution

A virtual call center also benefits your employees: the distribution of calls makes the customer service role a shared task. The sign in/ sign out feature ensures that calls are only routed to employees who are logged in.

Take advantage of these powerful features

The virtual call center is a powerful feature in itself. And when you combine it with other features included in you CallFactory subscription, such as call recording and queuing, you can provide an even richer customer experience that will set you above the competition.

You can always activate any CallFactory feature as needed. You decide when the time is right. This way your phone number will grow with you and your organization.

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