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Call filter

Are there any callers you want to block for whatever reason? Or callers you'd rather give access to?

You can easily block and allow access with the call filter feature. This way you can keep your phone line open for the callers that are important to you.

Belfabriek's call filters are simple and effective. It allows you to create temporary or permanent lists of phone numbers that are blocked for your phone number.

Callers calling from one of these numbers will then hear a recorded message saying 'This number is blocked'.

You can also use the call filter feature the other way round to allow certain callers access. So you can block and allow access.

The benefits

Authorised callers only

Your colleagues only have to deal with authorised callers (e.g. only customers). And the smile on the other end of the line is noticeable.

Better concentration

An unwanted call can be very distracting for your colleagues. The call filter ensures that they can concentrate on providing the best possible service.

Better service

Increased job satisfaction, improved concentration and reduced time pressure ensure that colleagues can provide better service.

Activate call filter

The call filter is included in the Belfabriek subscription. You can activate it at any time at no extra cost. Our numbers and extra features work with any phone system and telecom provider. So you don't need to make any changes to your current telephone infrastructure when you register a number with us.

Frequently asked questions:

The call filter only works on incoming calls.

Contact our support team with the date and time of the call and we will investigate the anonymous number to add it to the call filter.

We can also temporarily activate a call filter for incoming calls.

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