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CallFactory blacklists are easy to use and highly effective. Implement temporary or permanent lists of numbers that you don’t to have access to your number.

You can activate blacklists for individual numbers or entire ranges.

Calls from a blacklisted number are redirected to your blacklist voice message. You can use this message to refer the caller to a different number, or inform the caller that the number they used is only intended for customers. 

Activate your blacklist

The blacklist feature is included in your CallFactory subscription. You can activate it at any time, at no additional charge. Our numbers and extra features work with every phone system and telecom provider. You do not have to make any changes to your current phone infrastructure to use a CallFactory phone number.

For more information or for help activating a blacklist, contact our customer service toll free at 0800-2353227 

Not a customer yet? Our complete range of features is available to all owners of a CallFactory 0800, local or national telephonenumber. For more information, call us toll free at 0800-2353227

The advantages

Only authorized callers

Your employees can focus their attention on authorized callers (e.g. only customers). Your customers will notice the smile this puts on their faces.

Improved focus

Unwanted calls are a distraction to your agents. A blacklist ensures that they can remain focused on providing quality service.

Better service

The increased job satisfaction, heightened concentration and reduced time pressure mean your agents can provide better service.