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Tollfree numbers in Ireland

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Toll-free calling in Ireland


Toll-free calling in Ireland

Memorable phone numbers:
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  • 1800-166129Add to cart
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0800 nummers

Origin of 1800 numbers

1800 numbers originated in America. There, they were mainly used in commercials and on food packaging.

Apply for an 1800 number? This is how it works

Want to deploy an 1800 number? More and more companies are using an 1800 number for an approachable, nationwide presence. Letting customers call toll-free when they have questions about your products or services.

Buy favourite 1800 number

Above you will find an overview of free 1800 numbers available nationwide. Register a number in your company name and your 1800 number will be on the air within one day. The 1800 number runs on our cloud platform and benefits from all useful options. You can record calls, implement a queue or work with a welcome text. There are no extra costs involved. So whether you want to support a campaign, handle sales calls, offer customer service or take reservations: with a Belfabriek 1800 number you will deliver professional telephone service.

What do 1800 numbers cost?

A 1800 number costs 45 euros per month. All advanced features and tools are included with these 1800 numbers. Of course, as a 0800 owner, you pay the caller charges. If you also want to be called by people from a mobile, a surcharge applies. We charge this neatly per second. This way, you pay the costs for the caller: he or she calls for free.

How does the application for my 1800 number work?

You order your 1800 number in three quick steps:


You pick a nice 1800 number in the web shop


You will receive confirmation of this by e-mail and by post.

After registration your 1800 number is active and forwarded!

Good to know

1800 numbers run in the cloud and are diverted to your current phones. These can be fixed telephones, but also mobile ones. And switch between them. It doesn't matter whether you have a traditional, ISDN or VOIP connection. What's more, you don't need anything else. No extra bells and whistles either, because call queues, welcome messages and call recordings, among other things, all run via our platform. Without additional costs!

Would you like to know more?

Call us for a free consultation on 1800-816446!

Advantages of a 1800 number:

Take away the last barrier for your callers

A local number can be a reason for some callers not to call. No call means a lost sales opportunity. Never miss a sales opportunity by being available to all your potential customers for free.

Reachable anywhere

Incoming calls to the 1800 number are forwarded to your existing phones. You can change the phone you forward calls to as often as you like: in real time, by phone or via our handy app.

Unforgettable phone numbers

At Belfabriek you have an extensive choice of all free 1800 numbers within Ireland. You choose the number that sticks in the mind of the callers. For example an easy to remember number combination.

Works with all your phones: fixed or mobile

For your own 1800 number you don't necessarily need a new phone or a different phone line. You tell us which phones your number should ring and we will do the rest!

Case studies

  • CervicalCheck is the national cervical screening programme aiming to reduce the number of people in Ireland who develop cervical cancer. In order to make it as easy as possible for patients to call, a 1800 phone number has been chosen.

  • Eventbrite is a global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences where anyone can create, share, find and attend events to fulfil their passions and enrich their lives.

  • Initial are one of the leading providers of Washroom Hygiene, Vending, Floor Mat Solutions and Clinical Waste Management Services throughout Ireland.

  • KBC Bank Ireland has chosen for a toll free 1800 phone number to help customers.

  • Dublin based Locksmiths 24/7 has chosen an easy to remember toll-free phone number for inquiries.

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