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Call Overflow Handling

Lots of things can trigger a peak in call traffic. And while that’s good news – the more people that find your business, the better – you still have to answer every call professionally. But how?

Traditional phone systems are not the answer due to their limited capacity. CallFactory doesn’t have that problem. Even when your call volume spikes, more calls can keep coming in. That’s the advantage of our cloud service and direct interconnection with multiple phone networks. What’s more, we can optimally distribute call traffic and add features on the fly, such as queuing and routing calls to an additional branch or call center.

Call handling guaranteed, even on your busiest day

We have an enormous network capacity, but situations can still arise when our base capacity ‘maxes out’. For example if you produce phone-in shows. Well good news, we’ve got talent, too. We can handle thousands of simultaneous incoming calls to your business. We do this by scaling up on the fly with additional (separate) networks. Yes, we do charge extra for this. But the odds that you’ll push our infrastructure to its limit and ever see such an invoice is nil. In the vast majority of cases – even with national promotion campaigns – our standard phone solutions can cope just fine. So bring it on!

More capacity but not more expensive

There’s more good news: you can activate and deactivate features such as the queue quickly and for free. That feature – and many other useful features – are included in your CallFactory subscription. So do you want a phone number that will always provide sufficient capacity? That can easily cope with peaks by implementing flexible routing and/or queues? CallFactory has your back. 

Activate call overflow handling

Call overflow handling is included in your CallFactory subscription. You can activate this feature at any time and at no additional charge.

For more information about call overflow handling, or for assistance turning this feature on, please call our customer service department at 0800-235 3227.

Not a CallFactory customer yet? Our comprehensive feature set is available to all owners of a CallFactory 0800, local and national numbers. For more information, call 0800-235 3227.