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Pre announcement tone

We developed the pre-announcement tone specifically for this purpose. When you activate this feature, you will hear a brief and easily recognizable voice file at the start of each call.

This lets you know which of your phone numbers calling.

Choose your own voice file

Belfabriek offers 6 different standard pre-announcement tones. You can set these from your control panel. You can also sample the different tones there.

You can even use your own audio file – either a tone or text – for pre-announcements.

The advantages

Start every conversation on the right footing

When you hear the voice file, you know which of your business numbers is calling. This lets you start every call smoothly.

A choice of clearly distinguishable tones

Belfabriek offers 6 different, clearly distinguishable standard voice files. Choose the tone you prefer or upload your own voice file.

Belfabriek offers several different pre-announcement tones (whisper)

Listen for yourself

Easy to implement and at no extra charge

As you can see: Belfabriek alerts you to the incoming phone number before you even take the call, letting you answer every call professionally. This service is included in the standard price of all Belfabriek subscriptions. For more information, call us toll free at 0800-235 3227.

Not a customer yet?

This handy feature is just one of the reasons why a growing number of businesses choose Belfabriek to handle their service numbers.

Compare the different types of numbers and choose one of the many 0800,local and national numbers we have available.