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Call statistics by email

You can view your statistics online in your control panel, but you can also choose to receive your statistics daily or weekly by email. You can see at a glance what the busiest times of the day are, as well as the busiest days of the week, and who the most frequent callers are.

Receive your first report tomorrow

Just like all of the other CallFactory features, Call Statistics is quick and easy to configure.

Check our numbers pages for available 0800, national and local numbers. If you have any questions, can call us toll free at 0800-235 3227.

The advantages

Automated reports

Let the statistics come to you. Receive your daily or weekly report like clockwork.

You choose when

You can set how frequently you want to receive these statistical reports. You can choose daily, weekly or monthly.

Multiple recipients

You can also choose to share your call statistics with other interested parties. Let colleagues in on the information, simply by adding their email addresses.

What do the email reports look like?

Screenshot of a CallFactory email report in your mail client.