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Solutions for international businesses

Solutions for International Businesses

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Ideal solutions for international companies

Despite globalisation and the shift to online, customers still attach great importance to the local context. And companies that are 'close by' (hyperlocal) therefore have a considerable edge over 'anonymous' organisations in faraway, foreign countries. But how do you ensure that customers feel that you know the local community and are part of it? Part of the solution lies in local telephone numbers. But there are snags and catches.

Belfabriek solves all those technical and contractual issues. That starts with central management of all incoming phone numbers for all countries where your organisation works. A handy solution, because often there are several numbers that run with several local providers. And just try to find out which party is responsible for which part of the incoming call traffic!

Follow the sun

At Belfabriek you literally benefit from follow the sun routing. Depending on the time of day, callers are redirected to a local branch or a location in another time zone. Sun up or sun down? Customers always get someone on the line! Of course, our smart IVR platform can also distribute calls in other ways. For example, based on the languages that specific employees speak. Or by taking their expertise into account.

One global contract

Thanks to our global coverage, we can offer you one contract for the SIP trunks of your local telephone exchanges. So no jumble of invoices in a jumble of languages, but one invoice showing the call traffic for all countries and all branches. Moreover, our SIP trunks are elastic. In other words, you do not have to pay per channel and there is always sufficient capacity.

IP? We got you covered!

Do you want to equip local branches or teams with IP phones? No problem! We arrange logins and unique IDs for everyone within 24 hours. Dial-out can also be arranged through us.

Also 'done' with a large amount of contracts, non-transparent SLAs and vague cost constructions? Go for our national, European, intercontinental or global telephony solutions!

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