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Our fair usy policy

Valid as of March 1, 2019

CallFactory is a commercial organization. And therefore wants to make money. But not with very small unreadable print. Because we are convinced that win-win partnerships are the key to sustainable success. So we don't do annoying small print and we don't hide nice features behind a pay wall.

Moreover, we apply a fair use policy for call traffic to local and national numbers, so that with 'average' use you do not incur any call charges. Although fortunately rare, we do have to protect ourselves against misuse or abuse of our services. You can read how we do this and what you can do yourself to prevent being confronted with extra costs on this page.

1. Call traffic
What do we mean by 'fair use'?
CallFactory uses a generous definition. Most clients who use local or national numbers will therefore not incur call charges. To determine what is fair, we divide the total incoming call traffic we handle by the number of clients. This monthly average is our standard. If you stay below this average, call traffic is free. Even if you are one or a few months above, there is no problem. If it happens (much) more often, we will contact you by phone to see what is reasonable.

How does that work out in practice?
If you process an average of up to 20 calls per week, that's included. It does not matter whether you answer callers on the landline or your mobile numbers. As long as it is a same country final destination. Organizations that process customer contacts with 1-4 people almost always fall under the fair use policy. But beware; if you decide to advertise large and compellingly, for example on radio or TV, the call traffic can mount up considerably. In that case we kindly ask you to contact us: 0800-2353227.

Are you a large organization applying for a number and do you expect a lot of call traffic? Then please also consult with our people. Thank you!

Help, I think I am or will be a heavy user!
Should you have or expect a lot of call traffic, standard rates will be charged. These are 4 cents per call (start rate), plus 7 cents per minute during the day and 5 cents per minute off-peak. These are the same traffic rates as 0800/0900 numbers. We recommend always contacting us if you handle a lot of call traffic: 0800-2353227.

2. Features
As a customer you get free access to advanced features. Again, we expect you to use them properly. A call queue, for example, may not be used to keep callers waiting endlessly for a fee. But what is a long wait? We assume a maximum of one minute. If you often keep customers waiting longer, it might be time to expand your team or outsource call traffic. CallFactory can distribute your traffic neatly over different numbers. Customers will love it!

Also, if you want to record calls, you need to do so responsibly. Always take local legislation into account. In the Netherlands for example, it is permitted to record conversations without prior permission and notification, provided you are taking part in the conversation. On other countries, different regulations may apply.

3. Implementing changes
At CallFactory you can make changes yourself. If you do not have the time or inclination to do so, our staff will be happy to do this for you. Only if there is a flow of changes, a fee may be charged. The amount is determined by mutual agreement. For us, this is a service product - not a source of income - and the fee is therefore fair. Moreover, this saves you a lot of work and a learning curve.

4. Responsible use of management environment
Good digital hygiene is important. We offer a secure online environment for managing our numbers, but expect customers to protect it properly. So choose a strong password, change it regularly and don't leave it lying around. Thank you!

Everything clear? Great! If not, please call 0800-235 3227.

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