Buy your own toll-free, local or (inter)national numbers directly online


National and international call delivery

CallFactory doesn’t impose geographic restrictions on where we deliver incoming calls. We’ll deliver your calls wherever you want to take them. That could be in Amsterdam. Or your office in Berlin, New York or London. This lets you establish a firm presence in every market and offer your customers the service they want: hyperlocal.

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform forwards calls to the location you specify. In technical terms: the final destination.  That could be a local or national landline, a mobile phone number or even an international number. This offers numerous benefits, for just about every organization. From ‘modest’ sole proprietorship to renowned corporation.

To begin with sole proprietorships: if you’re expecting an important call while you’re on vacation, with CallFactory you can take that call on a tropical beach. It doesn’t matter if you have an 0800, national or local number; as long as your phone didn’t ingest too much salt water, we’ll connect your call just fine. For international organizations, this service can literally open up a world of possibilities. Such as routing calls to an offshore customer service department to cover the night shift.

International offices

Things get even more interesting if you already have international branches or offices, because then you can distribute calls globally. For example to share the work load, or to automatically forward customers to employees who speak the right language. Speaking of which, it’s easy to let customers make that choice with a phone menu, another CallFactory feature included in your subscription. Our platform will take care of the rest.

Built-in flexibility

Whether you just want to forward the occasional call internationally or are looking for a structural solution: flexibility is built in. If you want to send some calls to location 1 in country X, other calls to location 2 in country Y, and switch everything around the following week, you can. Our employees will process your requests the same business day, free of charge. The technical complexities of international call traffic will not impede your flexibility in the slightest. Our pleasure!