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SMS sending tool

SMS is a great way to send short messages to your customers. But how do you send them to large groups?

Belfabriek's SMS sending tool is a real godsend.

You can easily manage contacts, groups and SMS messages from your familiar online environment. This is not only more convenient, but also much faster than using a mobile phone.

Create contacts and organise them logically into different SMS lists and groups. You can send SMS messages immediately or at a later time.

Want a link between your software package and our SMS platform? No problem: we can quickly set up this SMS link for you using our SMS API.

If you want to send voice messages in addition to SMS, we also have a solution for you. With a voice message, the recipient is actually called by our computer and a voice message is played. In a disaster or emergency situation, this is often better than sending an SMS because you cannot be sure that it will be read immediately.


Comfortable typing

Sending an SMS from a computer with a keyboard is much easier than texting from a mobile phone. You can more easily prepare messages on your desktop and send them as online text messages.

Make an impression

Do you receive more emails or SMSs? Short and powerful text messages make a bigger impression than another email. Especially when sent via a trusted SMS platform.

Create groups

Different text messages for different audiences? No problem. Create your own SMS groups in the online dashboard.

Also for internal use

Important news within your company? Inform all colleagues quickly and easily with SMS or voice messages.

Uses of the SMS tool

Belfabriek customers use the SMS tool in all kinds of original ways. Congratulate a client or colleague on their birthday, send a reminder if someone hasn't signed a contract yet or inform a group of clients about a new service! With our software, you can always reach the right recipient and send a message quickly.

Frequently asked questions:

You can easily send SMS from your software package using our SMS API.

An SMS arrives directly to the recipient in the messaging application on the mobile phone. There is no delay in sending, we send in real time.

You can send as many text messages as you like. Texting is covered by our fair use policy, so if you send a lot of online text messages we charge 10 cents per text message.

If you buy a phone number from us, you can set it in the SMS tool. Customers will then be able to recognise your phone number and this will increase and improve the readability and response time of your customers when they receive notifications.

You can use national and local phone numbers with WhatsApp from Belfabriek to send and receive WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp has its own tool for managing this.

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