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Oplossingen voor de Bouwwereld

Solutions for the construction industry

  • beautiful telephone numbers in your own company name

  • cleverly customised, all functions included

  • live within 1 working day

Ideal solutions for the construction industry

Whether you are an electrician, plumber, carpenter or painter: a local or national number on your number on your bus or website attracts extra attention and gives the company a professional image. This increases the chance that clients will call you instead of your
call you instead of the competition! But how do you answer those calls?
when you're up to your eyebrows in work dust and your landline is miles away?
miles away?

By having callers come in on your mobile! With a telephonenumber from Belfabriek, you decide which phone will
rings. That can be the landline if you are at home or at the office for the day.
at home. Or your mobile. Wherever you receive the calls; customers always call
always call a recognisable number. Also ideal for advertising both online and offline, for example!

Nationwide construction network

If you have several colleagues, you can also choose to alternate manning the phone (m/f). With our (free!) app, you decide who is available and in what order employees are to take turns on the phone.

This also offers the opportunity to work together with other construction specialists throughout the country. Think of freelancers who offer the same services in other regions. By advertising with a central number and forwarding our callers, based on their area code, to specialist X or Y, you are suddenly part of a national handyman organisation.

Construction at Belfabriek

Want to offer customers even more service? Then use a second number for
for fault reports or as a 24/7 helpline, for example. That way
Your customers will know they can literally rely on you. Just like you can on
telephony solutions from the Belfabriek. So order (a)
beautiful number(s) in our online shop or bring your current
phone number(s) with us!

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