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Advantageous flat rate

Memorable phone numbers:
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  • 0818-166578Add to cart
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  • 0818-938546Add to cart
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0818 phone numbers

Applying for an 0818 number? Just like that!

0818 numbers are non-geographic numbers that are registered individually or in smaller blocks. Because these numbers are not region-specific, they are ideal for smaller entrepreneurs, self-employed people and nationwide organisations. An 0818 phone number is a national number that can be called at local rates.  
And nowadays the most used phone numbers in SMEs !

Choosing a 0818 phone number

Above you will find the overview of available 0818 numbers. Choose a great number and the same day your own 0818 number will be on the air. And by that we mean the cloud.

All useful telephony features, such as call recording, a call queue, welcome text and a notification of opening hours are included with the 0818 numbers. Ideal for web shops, freelancers and all other organisations that want a perfect telephony solution at lightning speed.

For example, to support a smart campaign, handle sales calls, provide customer service or take reservations.

What do 0818 numbers cost?

An 0818 number costs €9.95 / €22.50 or €45 per month depending on the chosen subscription. Belfabriek charges no traffic or delivery charges for normal, average use. So a 'no hassle' and 'no surprises afterwards' solution.

Good to know

An 0818 number runs in the cloud and is transferred to your current mobile phone, desk phones or you install a softphone on your computer so you can make and receive calls with a headset. Of course, you can switch 'devices' at any time.

How do I apply for my 0818 number?

You order your own 0818 number in three quick steps:


You pick a nice 0818 number in the webshop


We receive this order directly in our system.

The same day your number is active and transferred to you !

National number with local rate for Irish callers

0818 numbers are designed for entrepreneurs who want a nice national number.

Prefer to know more?

Call us for a free consultation on 1800-816446 !

Advantages of 0818 numbers:

Available nationwide at normal rates

A local number can be a reason for some callers not to call. With a national 0818 number, you can be reached nationwide at normal rates.

Accessible anywhere

Incoming calls on your 0818 number are forwarded to your existing phone: mobile or fixed. You can change the phone you forward to as often as you like: real-time, by phone or via our handy apps.

Beautiful phone numbers

At Belfabriek you have an extensive choice of all available 0818 numbers in Ireland. Choose the number that best suits your business. For example an easy to remember number combination.

Works with your current phones

For your own 0818 number, you do not necessarily need a new device or an extra phone line. You tell us which devices your number should ring on and we will do the rest!

Satisfied Belfabriek telephony customers: