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VIP whitelist

A VIP whitelist lets your compose a list of phone numbers that your number is exclusively intended for. Calls from any other phone number are redirected to a message, while you keep your line open for that special group of contacts.

Do you want to set up a service line that can only be used by existing customers? Add their numbers to the whitelist.

It may sound a little bit James Bond, but VIP routing really does turn your special contacts into phone VIPs.

Start composing your whitelist today

Contact us today to activate VIP routing and start composing your own VIP list. You can call us toll free at 0800-2353227.

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The advantages


VIP routing lets you give your contacts that exceptional service you want to provide. Only the numbers on your list have access to your phone line.

Premium service

By focusing on exclusively on your important contacts, you can give them your undivided attention and provide a premium service.

For every type of number

VIP routing, like all of our features, works with every type of number: 0800, local or national telephonenumbers. You can even use it with international numbers.