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Local Phone Numbers

A great local phone number with all Belfabriek's unique phone features!

Activate a new local phone number for your business right away so that you can be reached directly by phone.

A local number is tied to your city or region and is extra attractive to your local customers due to the local look and feel of the phone number.

And with all our standard telephone features such as call recording, a telephone menu and welcome message, you immediately have a professional appearance! You can forward incoming calls to your mobile, landline or multiple colleagues in the office, at home or on the road.

Why request a local fixed number?

Local numbers give callers a sense of familiarity due to the local look and feel of the number. You serve the local market in a particular region with a local number.

Accessible anywhere

Calls coming in on your chosen local number are forwarded to your existing phone: fixed or mobile. You can change the phone number you forward to as often as you like: in real time. This way, you never miss a call on your own local number and you can answer calls with more than one person.

Works with all phones

You don't need a new phone or different phone line for your own local number. You specify which phone you want your number to ring on, and we do the rest. A virtual phone number where calls are forwarded to fixed or fixed to mobile !

Best of both worlds: fixed number on mobile

With a Belfabriek fixed local number you benefit from the best of both worlds: the familiarity and professionalism of a local fixed number and the flexibility of a mobile. A mobile number often comes across as small anyway.

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Frequently asked questions:

Choose a beautiful local number and we will activate it for you within 1 working day. You can easily request it in our number shop.

A local number is bound to the city or region where your business is located. A national number is independent of the region and has a national appearance. Both numbers can be called at standard local rates.

If your business operates in more than one city and you have offices in more than one city, you can activate numbers in different cities. If you are actually based in 1 city, we can only activate a number for you in that city.

We also offer local numbers in other countries, called international numbers. Let us know which countries you are looking for local numbers in and we will arrange it for you.

It is important to know that a local number can only be assigned to the company where it is actually located. If you have a lot of customers outside the region, a national number with a national look and feel is recommended.

Yes, we can transfer your current landline number to our telephony platform so you can use all our great telephony features!

We recommend that you activate a national number with us, such as a 085 number. We can then redirect incoming calls to your regular local fixed number. This way, your availability remains optimal and you can use multiple numbers.

Yes, this is possible. The local number we activate for you will be in the same city as your company. It does not matter where the people who answer the phone are located. They can even be abroad.

We will have a local number active for you within 1 working day. This is fully automated and remote. We just manually check your branch address and then your local number is active and ready to be called. Importantly, you don't need to install a mobile app to receive calls. We deliver calls to your mobile, landline or office.

Yes, you can order as many local numbers as you want. As long as they are from the city where you are based.

With online statistics you can see exactly who is calling you, at what time and from what number. This gives you a history of calls and interesting marketing information.

Anyone can set their availability on our dedicated website. This way our online PBX knows exactly who to transfer incoming calls to and when.

The easiest way is to email us the text that callers will hear when they call you. We will have this text spoken by our speech computer. You can also speak the text yourself and send us the audio file.

You can use a local phone number from us for Whatsapp Business by simply using that number when you sign up for Whatsapp Business.

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