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Flexible switching of extensions via your own website using a webhook

How the webhook works

If you want to run your own website or script to change the devices associated with your phone number, you can do this easily using a webhook. How does it work?

When we call this address, we get a response from your server with the final extension of your number.

Simple, right? When a call comes in, we check your website (/webhook/) to see which phone number you entered. And that's where the call goes.

And yes, this is also possible if you use a phone menu. We simply create X number of webhooks. So like this:

choice 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Apart from the final destination, you can also put notification texts here, for example.

Or your web developer can place a script here that looks in your Google Calendar to see if you are in a meeting or on the road, and decides whether to call your landline, mobile or a voicemail.

Number management via webhook

With a Belfabriek phone number, you decide on which destination you receive calls. This can be a landline, a VoIP phone or a mobile number.

And you can adjust this flexibly. Most customers do this using our handy app. Others call or email our customer service.

But there is a third way. The one that makes the techies among us happy: the webhook!


Awesome! We are too, because with Webhooks you have a power tool on your business phone number. Ideal if you want to set up virtual branches on one line, where you are always 100% in control! So activate the webhook and make your developer happy!

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