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With a CallFactory phone number, you determine the destination of your calls. Take your calls on your landline, VOIP or mobile phone. Whatever you prefer.

You are also free to change the destination at any time. Most customers do that with our handy app. Others call or email our customer service for assistance. It’s free, so why not

But there is also a third option. A solution that particularly delights the techies among us: webhooks!

This is how webhooks work

If you want to tell a website or script to change the destination of your phone number, a webhook will do that. How does it work?

When we call this address, your server tells us the destination associated with your phone number.

Easy, right? When a call comes is, we check your website (/webhook/) for the phone number you provided. And that’s where we send the call.

And yes, you can also incorporate webhooks in your phone menu as a way to route calls. Just use a different webhook for each option. Like this:

option 1: option 2: option 3:

A webhook used in this way doesn’t even have to direct to a destination phone number. You can also direct callers to a recorded message, etc.

Or your web developer can write a script that consults your Google calendar, to check if you’re in a meeting or out of office, and uses that information to determine if the call should go to your landline, mobile phone, or a voice message.


Great! So are we, because webhooks are a shot of (legal) anabolic steroids for your phone number. They’re perfect for e.g. setting up virtual branch offices with a phone line that you fully control! So activate webhooks for your number and put a smile on your developer’s face!