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Caller queue

As the owner of a service or business number, you decide what customers hear when it’s busier than usual.

Play back a recorded message to promote your products or organization, or intersperse some music to help the wait go by faster.

Callers are put through to available employees in a first in, first out order.

Integration with other features

We already gave an example of how you can combine the queue with another CallFactory feature: use the digital answering machine to prevent excessive waiting times. When things get too busy to ask callers to hold, let them leave a message. Then call them back after things calm down again.

You can also combine the queue with other features, such as opening hours announcements and phone menus. And of course the call recording feature!

The advantages

What would you rather hear when you call a business: a friendly message or a busy signal.

There’s a lot to be said for activating this extra feature on your CallFactory number.

Increase your availability

Virtual queues give the impression that the wait will be short. Instead of losing callers, you warm them up for their conversation. This improves the availability of your entire organization.

Don’t miss calls

A missed call is a missed opportunity to make an appointment or close a deal. Welcome callers and keep them on the line until you can speak to them, or offer the option to leave a message, so that you can call them back at a more convenient time.

Set the maximum waiting time

Everyone agrees that waiting is annoying. This is why you can limit the virtual queue to a maximum number of minutes or callers. When this limit is exceeded, callers are invited to leave a message.

Customer friendly and professional

Making the effort to place a call and getting a busy signal is a turnoff. The virtual queue makes a professional and customer friendly impression.

Activate your virtual queue today!

Our low fixed monthly price includes a wide range of features. The virtual queue is just one example, albeit a very powerful one. If you ever operate at maximum capacity, you really can’t do without it. Our subscription lets you instantly activate the virtual queue from your control panel, whenever you need it and at no extra cost.

If you’re not a CallFactory customer yet, check for available 0800, local and national numbers while you’re here and register your phone number today.