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This is how virtual telephone numbers work

A toll-free number 0800 or a national or local business telephone number is a virtual number. This means that calls come in via our intelligent platform and are then forwarded to your extension or 'real' phone number.

As a Belfabriek customer, you decide which phone will eventually ring: it could be your local phone number or your mobile phone. You can also divide callers over different branches or departments, or change destination numbers temporarily.

All this is made possible by our intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Below we explain how our IVR platform works.

How does an IVR system work?

  • Are all your colleagues busy? To prevent callers from being put on hold, you can use our special overflow routing to automatically transfer them to another location, such as an external call centre or another branch office.

  • Is someone calling after hours or is the queue too long? Then choose to let callers record a message. This way, customers can still ask their questions and feel that they are being helped quickly. You receive the audio recordings at the desired e-mail address and decide whether immediate action is necessary.

  • Is someone calling outside office hours, in the weekend or on a holiday?

    With Belfabriek you can decide how you want the call to be forwarded (this is also called routing). Determine yourself, based on day and time, to which phones incoming calls should be forwarded.

  • Do you use a single national number and want to redirect callers to a regional or local office of your company? Enable this option and our IVR system will take care of routing callers based on their area codes.

  • If you have several branches or offices, this option is interesting. After callers connect, our IVR asks them to enter the four digits of the postcode. We then redirect them to the nearest branch.

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